Wednesday 9 October 2013

The Sun Eagle Order.

The Sun Eagle Order.

Instituted on – 1944.
Rarity –Extremely Rare.
Known Makers – Trostrup.

The Sun Eagle Order - Obverse.
A special award was manufactured by the firm of Trostrup and presented to Vidkum Quisling by General Sectary Fuglesange in 1944. This award comprised of 55mm silver gilt and enamelled cross pattée with finials and rays in the angles. The arms of the cross have an opaque white outer field that has an inner field of dove grey opaque enamel. The central medallion comprises of the ‘Sun Eagle’ symbol of the Nasjonal Samling, being a circular gilt-edged red enamel disc bearing a gold cross. A gilt eagle with wings outstretched is placed at the centre of the upper arm of the cross. This has an ouse through which passes a small circular ring for attachment of the ribbon. The ribbon has the same colours as that of the “Tapper og Tro’ Korset” - Bravery and Loyalty Cross.

After the war a few restrikes are reported to have been made.
The Sun Eagle Order - Citation.

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