Wednesday 2 October 2013

Kamp Organisasjon (KO) Pin.

Kamp Organisasjon (KO) Pin.
Instituted on
Rarity – Very Rare.
Known Makers – Unmarked


Kamp Organisasjon (KO) Pin. - Obverse.

Kamp Organisasjon (KO) Pin. - Reverse.
The award comprises of the emblem of the Nasjonal Samling party which was the sun cross of St. Olaf, the fields of which were in filled with red opaque enamel, and placed in the talons of an open winged eagle that is guilded. . The reverse is flat with a pin plat soldered directly behind the St Olav’s cross. On the left wing is stamped the membership number. This corresponds with that in the Red membership book that accompanied the award.
Very active members of the Nasjonal Samling party could become members in the struggle organization of the party. The members received a membership book and a struggle pin. Both had the same number.

Kamp Organisasjon (KO) Members Book. 

 Kamp Organisasjon (KO) Members Book - Page 1.

Kamp Organisasjon (KO) Members Book - Page 2. 

 Kamp Organisasjon (KO) Members Book - Page 4.

 Kamp Organisasjon (KO) Members Book - Page 12.

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