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Roll of Honour Clasp - Luftwaffe.


Roll of Honour Clasp - Luftwaffe.

Instituted on. 5 July 1944
Numbers awarded were; 30,000
Rarity – Rare
Known Makers. C.J.Juncker, Klien


Roll of Honour Clasp - Luftwaffe - Obverse.

Roll of Honour Clasp - Luftwaffe - Reverse.

Roll of Honour Clasp - Luftwaffe - Obverse .

Roll of Honour Clasp - Luftwaffe - Reverse .

The first recorded instance of this Clasp being awarded was 5 August 1944.  Göring, in his inimitable way, did not want to be outdone by the other two services and belatedly introduced the 'Honour Roll of the German Air Force' in 1944.  Like the Army and Navy the badge was a gilt metal wreath of oak leaves which, in this case, had a rough appearance taking the outline of the oak leaves as the border, thus the inner and outer edges of the oak leaf wreath gave a ragged appearance.  There are six bunches of three leaves on either side, meeting tip to tip at the apex and, at the base, are two acorns protruding upwards into the central portion of the badge.  The wreath measures 24.5 mm and the width of the leaves is 3.5 mm.  In the centre is a flying Luftwaffe eagle, clutching a swastika in its talons.  The reverse is the negative of the obverse, being stamped, with four lugs for attachment to the Iron Cross Second Class ribbon.  It was worn in the same manner and with the same provisions as the other two clasps.  However, all members of the Luftwaffe who had been awarded the goblet or salver of honour, as well as those who had received the picture of the Reichsmarschall in silver frame, automatically received the clasp.  It is possible that over 30,000 Clasps were rendered during the period of the war, this number making it quite a common award.

It was presented in a black oblong box, with an off-blue flocked base and lid liner.
Roll of Honour Clasp - Luftwaffe - Obverse- Cased.
Roll of Honour Clasp - Luftwaffe - Outer card case.

The Pilot wears the Roll of Honour Clasp - Luftwaffe , Flying Clasp with numbered Pendant, Iron Cross 1st Class, Pilots Badge and Wound Badge.

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