Thursday 12 September 2013

“Jeugdstorm” Sports Badge for Males

“Jeugdstorm” Sports Badge for Males - Bronze, Silver and Gold. 
Instituted on 1 April 1943.
Rarity – Rare, Very Rare,  Extremely Rare
Known Makers - Unmarked

“Jeugdstorm” Sports Badge for Males -Silver - Obverse.

“Jeugdstorm” Sports Badge for Males -Silver - Reverse.

The badge consists of a wreath of stylised leaves that measures 38,5 mm across. Onto this is an arrow with the tips of the fights just breaking the bottom and the tip protruding through the top. Superimposed over this is a sea mew the emblem of the “Jeugdstorm”. The height of the badge is 52 mm. It is finished in either patinated bronze, silver or gold.
The reverse shows the impression of the obverse and has a hinge through which the pin is placed and turned over and a C typed hook. The issue number is stamped into the reverse and in this case is 171.
It was instituted on 1st April 1943. Tests were graded according to age and had to be competed for annually.
Jeugdstorm” Sports Badge for Males in wear .
“Jeugdstorm”  boys with Standart Flag.
A Jeugdstorm officer drills young recruits. A veteran from the Easter Frount he wears a German style belt buckle.

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