Sunday 8 September 2013

W.A. Sports Badge

W.A. Sports Badge. Silver, Gold.

Instituted on - 13 September 1941

RarityRare, Rare.
Known Makers - Always Unmarked.


W.A. Sports Badge -  Silver - Obverse.

W.A. Sports Badge -  Silver - Reverse.

The badge consists of a wreath of laurel leaves secured at the base by a three-line tie. It measures 53mm high and 52 mm wide.   Across the centre of the wreath is a Wolf Hook the emblem of the WA. It is finished in silver or gold. It was instituted in 1941 and it was first awarded on 13th September 1941.

The reverse shows the impression of the obverse and has a square hinge at the top through which a 2mm wire pin that has a rounded upper surface and flat base passes. There is a “C” catch at the base.

The Badge was accompanied by a book that outlined the qualifications that were required to qualify for the Badge.

W.A. Sports Badge - Book.
The award was taken in 4 Groups,
Group 1 18 to 30 Year Olds.

Group 2 30 to 35 Year Olds.

Group 3 35 to 40 Year Olds.

Group 4 40 to 45 Year Olds.


W.A. Sports Badge - Book - Page 1. 

W.A. Sports Badge - Book - Page 4.

W.A. Sports Badge - Book - Page 6.
W.A. Sports Badge in wear.
W.A. Sports Badge - Obverse - Fake.

W.A. Sports Badge - Revers - Fake.

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