Thursday 12 September 2013

Labour Service Sports Badge.

Labour Service Sports Badge.

Instituted on
Rarity – Rare.
Known Makers - Unmarked


Labour Service Sports Badge - Obvesrse.

Labour Service Sports Badge - Reverse.
The Dutch Labour Service had its own Sports Badge which, to be retained, had to be competed for annually. It is in the form of a shield measuring 33mm by 39mm, which shows the badge of the Labour Service, a spade between ears of barley and the motto “Ick dien” I Serve. To this is added an “S” on the spade. It is in one class only, silver, which in fact is natural coloured white metal. It was worn on the left breast pocket of the Labour Service uniform.

Labour Service Sports Badge in wear.
A half size miniature on a maroon coloured ribbon could be worn on a medal ribbon bar with other miniature decorations.
Labour Service Sports Badge minature - Obverse.

Labour Service Sports Badge miniature reverse.

 Labour Service Sports Badge - Citation.
 Patrick Huijs
Almekinders -Willem Abraham - leader Labour Service with miniature labour service medal.

Dutch Labour Service members badge.

Dutch Labour Service members badge - Reverse.

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