Monday 2 April 2012

Badge of the Military Administration of Norway.

Badge of the Military Administration of Norway.

Known Makers - Unmarked

Rarity – Rare

Badge of the Military Administration of Norway - Revers.

This badge is oval and measures 65mm wide by 40mm high. It comprises of three rings of enamel, the outer is black and measures 3mm. On this is the inscription at the top Militär and below Verwaltung Norwegen. The second oval is white and measures 2,5mm, and the inner is brick red and measures 2mm.  Across the badge with the tips of its wings breaking the outer edge of the oval is a finely stamped Eagle holding in its talons a wreath with swastika. All the metal parts of the badge are silver-plated that is artificially oxidised.

The reverse shows the indentations of the obverse design; at the base is a recessed circle into which is stamped the issue number of the badge. These numbers have been noted as high as 455.

No detailed information has yet come to light about this badge, but presumably was worn by civilian members of the military administration agencies Norway.

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