Friday 20 April 2012

Coburg Badge (Variant)

Coburg Badge  (Variant)
Instituted on 14th October 1932
Rarity – Unique
Known Makers – Unmarked

This award is basically the same as that described in the Coburg Badge with the notable exception that the laurel berries continue round the wreath.  The castle at the top is more defined.  The blade of the sword is broader and comprises of an under part, with a separate over piece, this lies over the enamelled swastika. The swastika is joined to the field that is adjacent to the laurel wreath, so that the tip of the swastika penetrates the field.  The swastika has a raised outer edge line and the field produced is stippled with raised lines.  The fields are then in filled with translucent claret -red enamel.  The whole of the badge is silvered and then artificially patinated.

The reverse is flat with a hinge, 'C' shaped hook and needle pin.

The reason or purpose for this badge is unknown but it is die struck and cannot be produced from the standard badge.  Therefore there must be more of this form of badge in existence than the only example that is known at the present time. However according to Robin Lumsden, the Special Silver Coburg Badge  (Variant) was awarded twice. One awarded posthumously and one awarded to female recipient Frau Esslinger.

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