Tuesday 7 February 2012

German National Prize for Arts & Sciences Sash

German National Prize for Arts & Sciences Sash. 
Instituted on 30th January 1937
Rarity – Extremely rare
Known Makers – Unmarked

This comprises of a band that measures 105 mm wide and has a 4.5 mm red edge stripe, 13.5 mm white stripe, 79 mm red central stripe, 13.5 mm white stripe and a 4.5 mm red edge stripe.  The central red stripe has closed winged eagles holding swastikas in oak leaf wreaths woven into it, giving the impression that they are embossed.  These measure 22.5 mm by 16 mm and are positioned two in line with the next line having a single eagle positioned midway of the red band.  Where the sash crosses the hip, it is gathered together with a rosette that is constructed of a round, raised outer edge which has an inner and outer edge of twisted cord.  Over the raised portion at regular intervals, stretched between the two cords are twenty pairs of similar cords.  The central field is white and on to this a national eagle with down swept wings, clutching a wreath with a black embroidered swastika, is embroidered.  The rosette measures 80 mm across and the sash was worn over the shoulder from the right to the left hip.  The ribbon was manufactured by the firm of Karl Loy of München.

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